Ghosts in the Machine

Hello? Is this thing on?

I genuinely appreciate the banter and I also find you intriguing. I'm really looking forward to actually talking to you. Seems like it shouldn't be a big thing, but it is. I'm doing a bunch of stuff today, but definitely plan on being home around dinner time-ish. I'll call you around 6 or 7 if that seems like a good time.

Yeah, that was fine by me, and I said so. My phone never rang. Three days later, his profile is gone.

I’ve got some work in your neighborhood, looking like Wed/Thurs. Will keep you updated as that solidifies and maybe we can meet each other.

There was more nice chat, and then, he disappeared over Memorial Day weekend. I messaged him. Nothing.

Text me if you like. It's easier than using this app. Let's meet up in real life soon.

We chat for a little bit longer, he seems great. Funny, interested. It just… dies.

Then there’s the guy with the “real” ghosts. This is his thing; he says he lived in a haunted house with his ex-girlfriend. I asked him right out if it was hard for him to meet women given his, um, previous involvment with a spirit stuck betwen the world of the living and the world of the dead.

Yeah, it sucks. It’s a problem.

It’s a problem for me, too. (Revisit this red flag.)

I’m starting to think online dating is bad for me. The ghosts, the weirdos, the players. The artificial first impressions. Sure, I’m a little odd, a slow burn, older, and not textbook pretty.

But I’m great. I’m funny, smart, hella adventurous, honest, and very faithful. I clean up good. I’d make a great girlfriend.

I’m getting nowhere. And the getting nowhere, the rejection, the disappearing, it’s starting to make me feel bad about myself. That’s wrong. It’s not me. I know this.

I’m considering two things:

  1. Shop the whole thing out to a friend. Just give someone my passwords and let them pick for me. Let them manage the whole thing and tell me where to go to meet the guy, once he’s been approved by my manager.

  2. Give it up and embrace advancing spinsterhood. I’d make a great maiden aunt. No kids, rescue dog, house full of weird art, politically active? It’s the role I’ve been training for my whole life.