Men Say Things to Me III

It's pretty easy *not* to say things, and yet...

The air needs to clear so I can go on a fucking date.
It rained here, it’s so much better. But wow, what a bad news day, right?
A piece of ass would really help cheer me up right now.

I read your profile, I’m also 420 friendly and down for FWB. Are you free to hang out?
I don’t really know what that means. What’s “hanging out” mean?
Whatever you want it to mean. :)
That’s evasive. What’s it mean for you?
We could sit on the couch, cuddle, get high…
So you *didn’t* actually read my profile then.

I would love to be able to contact you I found your profile so honest and self-revealing I have to go buy a gut feeling so I'm reaching out touch you I hope you enjoyed this poem that I send to you
I mean, thanks, but the romantic poetry is a bit much from someone I don’t know.
My apologies if the poem can off to personal it wasn't my intent to disrespect you. I appreciate you responding to me and I would like to stay in contact with you I told you in my profile that sometimes I use the art, of film to make a point. So I want to know are you "ONE OF THE GREAT ONE'S" Watch this and tell me.
I mean, I'm great, but I don't know that I'm The Great for anyone, and it's WAY too soon to even ask given that we've not had so much as a cup of coffee.
A dating site where your objective is to connect not disengage, and I get the notion that either I have offended you which is not my intention or you're just trying to get rid of me and I'm not getting the hint. Which is it ???????

Oh wow I didn’t know that initiated a conversation just thought I was commenting lol
"Oh crap! A legit human exists on the other side of this! NOW WHAT?"
Yes anxiety has sky rocketed Well, we’ve already started the conversation albeit not how I had planned. Ahem... Hi nice to meet you. I absolutely loved your profile, especially the part about waffles.

Remember Ten? We dated for a while last winter. He was a storm warning of red flags, but I kept seeing him because it was fun. I shut it down for good when C-19 started because I didn’t trust him to be safe. About a month into quarantine, I looked at his Facebook page (I know, I KNOW, it was public, okay?) and he was engaged to a woman he’d been “in a relationship” with since four days after our last date.

I think I was the other woman, or at least a bet to see which one would play out in his favor.

I was stunned. And furious. Yes, all my tests were clean, friends. Thank you.

While I am wired for monogamy, I don’t require it out of the gate. The only thing I require is transparency. I’d have — ahem — done some things differently had I known we were not exclusive.

He texted me two weeks ago.

I hope you are doing well, I have been thinking of you.
You’re thinking of me?
Quite often, actually.
Well, that’s funny, because last time I looked at your FB page, you were engaged. So…

I asked a straight male friend why he would do this, what he wanted.
It ain’t coffee.