What Men Want

Most importantly, be someone whom I am attracted to!!! 

Sure, cool. Post a list of what’s attractive to you and I will immediately, with great haste, make myself over to meet these guidelines. Thank you for the opportunity.

Please also be active and interested in the world beyond your home and municipality. 

I’m actively interested in the kind of person who would use the word “municipality.”

I'm looking for a woman mostly free of drama (especially when it comes to ex-BF's or ex-husbands).

I see “no drama” a fair bit. I’m starting to think it means, “Don’t have a past. Or feelings.”

Let me apologize up front that I don't date outside a 15 mile radius or 45 min. drive time.

Finding love be damned, dude is not sitting in traffic for anyone.

It would be nice if you were Loyal,Honest, openminded, sincere,and fun; Good sense of humor, honest, and willing to look past my "rocky" history.

Does he mean jail time? He means jail time, right?

I'm just seeing who's out there.

Me too, friend. Me too.