False Starts II

I need a caftan.

47, Business traveler

“Also total transparency before you decide on talking /meeting. I don’t live in [my home town]. I am there 3-4 times a year due to business. Friendship and companionship is great.”

Yep, I agree. Also, I have those things.

43, Guy with interesting job and good hair

He says he’d really prefer to meet in person. I say, “Let’s make a plan.”

He goes dark for three days. I message him again, he apologizes and says he’s been busy, but he still wants to meet.

“Cool,” I say, “I get it, adult life can eat your days sometimes. Let’s make a plan. Meet at [excellent bar] for happy hour? Thursday?”

He doesn’t respond.

41, Creative dude

“I like your profile, you seem… interesting. Message me? It would be nice to get to know you.”

I write back; I always write back. That was five days ago.

49, Hot Italian guy

“Hey, I’m in town for two days this week, want to grab a drink?”

No. I mean, yes, but also, no. No. No.