47, snappy dresser

Adorable mixed race guy is adorable. Freckles and dreadlocks, sharp dresser in an original way, big genuine smile, light in his eyes.

His profile is funny and real, his politics line up with mine. We match and have a nice chat. Nothing too heavy, but absolutely real. He asks me about my marriage status, how long I’ve been single, he tells me he’s divorced for a year after a six year relationship. He’s doing some reinvention tour stuff, working retail while he figures things out, but has a plan to get back into his desired career path. Good manners, sincere, doesn’t make any of the mistakes so many of the guys that message me make.

Me: Hey, you seem nice in the best possible way. Like someone I’d enjoy meeting. What do you say we get coffee or something?

Him: I would LOVE to meet you. But you should know, I’m in an open poly relationship with a married couple.