47, musician

Your big Wookie kinda guy isn’t my go to, but Four had these deep set eyes and really good hair. Plus, Chewbacca was loyal as fuck and you want someone like him on your side when the shit hits the fan.

His chats were full of typos, but he said he’d recently been in a car accident and had a broken arm. He wanted my phone number, he wanted to meet up. Today. Tomorrow. Soon.

“I’m up for meeting, but gimme a hot minute, what’s the rush?”

He went dark for the day, then said he had been getting his phone fixed; it bricked on him.

“You’re having a run of bad luck, what did you do in your last life?”

Last night I went to an event. It was not a large crowd and there was a guy there who was the spitting image of Four. We looked at each other more than once. He was with his visibly very pregnant partner.

When I got home and looked at my phone, he had unmatched me.

It could have been a different guy. It could just be a coincidence, right?

Crack Den (One) asked me to go out again.