Let's Try This Again

First dates may involve rain gear.

After many long months in the Coronaverse, I’ve figured out how to have a social life and stay safe. I have arrived at your house wearing snow pants because no, we are not visiting indoors, nope. Sometimes the cold can cut a visit a short, but that beats no visit at all.

I’m healthier than I’ve been in years. I lost 20 pounds. I swim half a mile three times a week and take a long walk with the dog every Sunday at sunrise, rain or shine.

Lots of dating advice says to get your shit together before you date. Could my shit be more together? Probably, but not in ways that are within my control. I’m going to call my shit together enough.

I’ve been on two dates since April. Decent guy, no chemistry (13) and a blind date who I liked, but he went dark (14).

I rebooted my online profile.

Some of the faces are still the same. Mine is, so maybe I need to not be judge-y about that. Maybe I need to be nice to anyone who says, “Oh, man, everything has just been so weird, gimme another shot?”

It’s a new year. Time to try again. I would still really like a boyfriend. Not a husband, not a live-in partner, but a boyfriend. I have survived this year just fine without one, but lord, it would be nice to have someone cook me breakfast sometimes.

My expectations are lowered accordingly.