45, comic book guy

“So, I like Batman better than Superman because Batman is flawed. I mean, Superman, he’s so perfect. And given that he’s perfect, why doesn’t he fix everything? He’s everywhere all the time, and he always saves the day, but there are still bad things happening in his universe? What’s up with that?”

First, Simpsons fans, do not think that Comic Book Guy. Seven was not that character. He wore a blazer and a plaid button down shirt and skinny jeans. Nerd haters, don’t dis Seven for being a comic book guy; everyone’s into something, right? Seven had compelling reasons for his interest in comics. Plus, I don’t think I have to be super into everything a potential partner is into.

We met for breakfast. I got there first and made a huge mess out of my fried egg sandwich. I literally had a face full of toast when he appeared. My egg yolk had exploded on the table. There I was, mouth full of bread, mopping up egg yolk with a napkin, when Seven appeared. I made either a “She just gives no fucks, plus breakfast food is excellent” impression or “Good lord, what a slob” impression.

I’m going with the former, because he said, “God, that looks awesome, I’m going to order that. Be right back.”

Here are three things I have learned since embarking upon this process:

  1. Low expectations are key. I had some nice conversation and a very good fried egg sandwich, so hey, that’s a good morning.

  2. Don’t think about anything beyond the date you’re in right now. Consider the first date the only date. Did you have a very good fried egg sandwich and nice conversation? You’re good.

  3. Do something you want to do anyway. I rode my bike to a place that had a quality fried egg sandwich.

My date went… okay. He’d lived overseas, he had interesting projects, he seemed self contained. He was off to do stuff on his own for the day, and I liked that. He asked good questions, he made eye contact, he was human. He didn’t try to impress me. He was a little nervous, but he was himself.

I’m asking myself if I’d go out with him again. He seems like the kind of guy who would invite you to do something quirky and then, afterwards, you’d have a drink and talk about it. I like the idea of that in theory.

In practice I didn’t think, “That could catch fire, given the right fuel.”

I don’t know if I need to think that to go on a second date.