That Escalated Quickly

A nearly naked selfie is not an apology.

I don’t speak for all heterosexual women, only the ones who state explicitly in their online dating profile that they are not looking for a hookup.

With that caveat, I think it is safe to say that if you fuck up a date for no good reason at all, you should *not* follow up by sending a photo of yourself in the bathroom mirror, naked, cropped just below your hip bones, with a message reading “Happy Sunday!”

There are two options, depending on how you answer the following question: Do you want to meet this woman or not?

Yes, I want to meet her: Send her a sincere apology. Mean it, don’t just blow smoke, and ask her if she will give you a second chance. If you do it correctly, she may forgive you and agree to meet. If she chooses to give you a second chance, you are required to make it as easy for her as possible. If she says no or doesn’t respond, you must leave her alone.

No, I’m just fucking around: Ghost. No, really. She already thinks you’re — at best — rude. You’ve wasted enough of her time already. Leave her alone.

Take careful note: Sending a (not-quite) dick pic is not an option.